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Senior Project Accountant

Brenna is a qualified Chartered Accountant, with a Bachelor's degree majoring in Accounting and Finance from the University of Waikato. Brenna's background is in corporate tax and commercial accounting from her experience at Chartered Accounting firms. Brenna is an central part of the Montana accounting and finance team, with a focus on problem solving by using reliable financial results and building strong financial models to drive contract success.


Nutrition & Food Quality Manager

Yuhan is a New Zealand Registered Dietitian with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition and Master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Auckland. After working in the food service industry as a specialist dietitian providing nutrition support for special diets, allergy management, and developing innovative nutrition solutions, Yuhan joins Montana Group to ensure our food is safe, nutritious and of top notch quality.


General Manager - Village

Kate comes from a background of large events.  She joined the Montana Group in 2009 to implement the catering for major events including corporate and retail.  Her background in logistics has seen her work as the Operations Manager for Flame Tree and then into the lead role at Village in 2017.


Accountant - Group

Mary has worked within the Montana Group since May 2014 and was appointed to the Group Accountant role at the beginning of 2017.  Her background and experience includes graduating from the University of Waikato with a Management Studies Degree, eight years in roles at Provida Foods and a time out from accountancy to train and then practice as a Massage Therapist. 


General Manager - Education

Leader of one of the fastest growing areas for the Montana Group, Education, Mike has extensive catering background, having worked in the industry for over 20 years.  He has held senior management roles at Compass Catering as well as having had experience owning and running a range of Cafes. 


Executive Sales Manager

Phil comes from a restaurant background with 30 years’ experience both front and back of house.  Having owned and managed his own restaurants, he is well versed in the food business and managing client expectations.  His transition to catering has brought with him a wealth of experience and allows him to focus on client liaison and key-account management.

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HR Manager - Group

Susan is a qualified and experience HR Professional.  Her career has spanned more than 25 years with Strategic and Operational HR experience in the Dairy Industry, Consultancy, Advisory and Manufacturing. She has held Senior Management positions and had led teams to deliver HR Best Practice. She is passionate about Montana being an employer of choice within the Food and Events Profession


Brand Manager - Group

Whitney has worked for Montana at the Kahurangi site since it’s inception in 2016. After a communications degree from the University of Waikato with marketing and PR, her working background includes agency advertising and corporate/major events management. Using a mix of knowledge from her previous roles, she operates across the 37 South and Group brands.